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About us

Presentation of our association

Crise International (Center for Research and Information on Sexual Exploitation) is an initiative created in 2019 with the objectives of providing the general public with advanced information and research on topics related to human trafficking, prostitution and pimping.

Its main goal is to multiply and amplify prevention actions through innovative approaches.

This initiative is carried out by the Philippe and Yves Scelles Endowment Fund, which has been involved in awareness-raising actions against prostitution since 2012.


Our main objective is to address the lack of information and awareness about sexual exploitation in the world. Our goal is to be an informative communication center, to connect different initiatives and efforts to combat sex trafficking and be a hub for the already existing great tools and best practices. 

We provide a platform that is rich with information and different resources that can easily be tailored to your work and studies. In the Thematic Sheets section, you can find information, statistics, tools, best practices and different organizations that work on each specific focus point.

Exciting news:

We will be publishing our Documentation Center as part of CRISE International very soon. The Documentation Center will serve as a library that has several studies and published work and reports that work on combating sex trafficking.

If you would like to join the fight and collaborate with us, please contact us with your information and one of our team members will provide the needed assistance. This will also provide you with certain privileges in the use of our online community tools.


We are continuously looking for new partners (academics, researchers, volunteers, and more!) to carry out studies, translations, funding opportunities, media visibility and more! Your passion is in the right place!

You can find more information on the collaborations that we offer in the section “Get involved!” at the top of this page.

We also offer companies, schools and associations with training and awareness campaigns, visit CONNECT ENTERPRISES to know more.

We welcome any and all collaborations and partnerships in the fight against sexual exploitation and to offer better future  for victims that is full of self-determination, dignity and safety by providing them with the means to escape.

The CRISE International team

Jehad Mohamed

Communication and community management specialist

Alejandra Scelles

Religious specialist, in charge of the Liberanos project

Jean Sébastien Mallet

International specialist in business relations, in charge of the CONNECT project
CRISE International |Centre de Recherche et d'Information sur l'Exploitation Sexuelle