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Connect Business To Prevent Sex Trafficking

About Us

Our mission is to engage civil society, law enforcement, and big business to identify the most effective tools and technologies to fight sex trafficking. Connect is a nonprofit organization developed in 2019 by members and former members of the Scelles Foundation to inform and connect high-level and leading resources, from many fields, in the US and Europe, against the global challenge of human trafficking. Our organization is managed by a board of global leaders from two countries, working closely with people and companies already involved globally in the fight against sex trafficking.

Our Services

CONNECT offers companies the opportunity to assess their business practices in order to measure their resistance and awareness of sex trafficking in their particular industry. CONNECT has developed an industry-specific measurement tool that evaluates a company’s awareness of corporate responsibility, involvement, and best practices regarding human trafficking. After our experts have administered and analyzed the results of the assessment, we will work with your business to develop an ethics policy statement that outlines the steps your company has taken to combat sex trafficking. Our organization will work with you to administer awareness training to your staff and stakeholders and connect you with our vast coalition of partners working to end sex trafficking. 

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CRISE International |Centre de Recherche et d'Information sur l'Exploitation Sexuelle